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Little Wanders

A magical mystery tour, a treasure hunt, an invitation to imagine, reflect, wonder and wander.

"We are under their spell as they guide us round our village, opening our eyes and senses to new ways of seeing and feeling the landscape."

Howard, participant

Little Wanders works closely with members of a community to create an audio tour (with a difference!), of their local area.
Through zoom chats, telephone conversations and postcard drop offs, we gathered an array of stories, daydreams, memories.
If your neighbourhood was a colour, what colour would it be and why?
What is your favourite view in your local area?
Is there anywhere you’ve never been in your city that you’d like to go?

Aiming to reach beyond what year the church was built, or what the annual events are, we uncover creative musings and flights of fancy of the people living in the area.

The audio tours include directions for walking a specific route, and along the way listeners are treated to tales from local people, invitations to move their bodies in different ways, different ways to engage with the local landmarks and geography, challenges and games to try, all inspired by the people that live there.

Little WandersCredits

Conceived and Directed by Sarah Boulter and Adele Wragg

Performers Sarah Boulter and Adele Wragg with contributions from community members

Audio Support Benjamin Wall

Producer Sarah Shead

Project Management Laura Barber and Jo Purseglove

Partners Live and Local, The National Forest, Nechells POD

Photography David Wilson Clarke

Design and Illustration Pickle Illustration