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Desert Island Flicks

A Blockbuster, Adventure and Rom Com Rolled into One.

"Hilarious, clever, totally totally engaging – made me cry with laughter - so skilled, so strong!"

Audience Member

Desert Island Flicks sees two leading ladies reimagine, remake and spoof the most memorable movie moments of all time, taking on all the lead roles, stunts, and special effects!

From timeless classics to modern day marvels, the show celebrates how iconic characters and thrilling plot twists have captured imaginations the world over, bringing people together to laugh, cry, and cheer along in a room full of strangers.

Somewhere between a dance performance, sketch show, a night at the movies and an epic game of charades, Desert Island Flicks shines a spotlight on life lessons learnt from the big screen, all set to a sensational soundtrack.


Mind bogglingly brilliant! Fast-moving, supercharged fun and brilliant performers!

Audience Member

Proper laugh out loud funny, my face hurts from smiling so much. Uplifting, clever and brilliant.

Audience Member

Contemporary dance has never been so much fun – this is in my opinion, their best show yet!

Karen Jeremiah - Community Touring Manager at Creative Arts East

Desert Island FlicksCredits

Conceived and Directed by Sarah Boulter and Adele Wragg

Performers Sarah Boulter and Adele Wragg

Swing Performers Lucy Haighton, Jennifer Manderson, Georgina Saunders-Fazzani

Rehearsal Director Sarah Butler

Production Management Matt Sykes-Hooban

Set and Lighting Design Matt Sykes-Hooban

Sound Design Benjamin Wall

Producer Sarah Shead

Project Management Laura Barber and Jo Purseglove

Photography David Wilson Clarke, Becky Payne, Joe Armitage

Film Maker Josh Hawkins